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Suika Game

Suika Game, which is also known by another name, Watermelon Game, is a fruit-themed puzzle game that emerged in Japan. It was inspired by the Chinese game Synthetic Big Watermelon and only truly became a phenomenon when it was released in the Nintendo eShop version. 

About Suika Game

Suika Game has simple gameplay but is difficult to completely conquer. It gives players the funny challenge of merging two fruits of the same type to create a larger one. The final goal is also the largest fruit, a watermelon. Try to get the biggest watermelon possible. Can you do that? Let's go!

How to Play Suika Game

The Suika Game (Watermelon Game) is easy for all people to play and control. The gameplay involves controlling and dropping them exactly to make fruits of the same type merge together. 

Let’s check for the step-by-step guide on how to play:

Click or tap to drop the fruits.

  • Click your left mouse to drop a fruit. Or tap on the screen if you are playing on mobile. 
  • Look carefully to make sure the fruit falls in the right position you want.

Play strategically

  • Plan your moves to maximize the number of fruits merged.
  • Consider the position of the fruits in the box to anticipate how you should drop the new one. 

The game only ends when the cup is filled with fruits. Your score is shown in the upper left corner. Compare it to the board of top scores to see how well you did.

It's wrong to think that you can easily get watermelon in Suika Game only because of its simple gameplay. Try right now to see!

how to play suika game

Suika Game Features

Suika Game also features special things, making the game enchanting to players. 

Appealing fruit theme

Suika Game brings players a funny and happy experience with its stunning fruit graphics, capturing the beauty of watermelon cultivation.

Each fruit is so cute, giving you a truly relaxing moment.

Fun sounds

The sound of the game is indispensable to giving players a complete experience. The Suika Game is not an exception. The sound is lively and fun, which is very suitable for the game theme.

The feeling of competing

Every two fruits are merged, your score will increase depending on the size of that fruit. 

In addition to checking your score on the left side, you can see what the record score is on the board of the top score. This motivates you to compete with other opponents and put your score on the board.

Tips to Play Suika Game

  • Consider carefully before dropping any fruit into the box.
  • Make sure there is an option to merge with the dropped fruit.
  • Rely on physics-based mechanics to see if your impact can produce more than one merge (e.g., whether you can have an impact on another fruit to make it move).
  • Prioritize the bigger fruits because they give you more points and get you closer to the watermelon.

How Many Types of Fruits Are There in the Suika Game?

There are eleven fruits in the Suika Game in total. The smallest fruit is Cherry and the biggest one is Watermelon. The nine fruits in between include Strawberry, Grape, Dekopon, Oranges, Apple, Pear, Peach, Pineapple, Melon, arranged in order from smallest to largest. 

suika game

Do I Need to Download the Suika Game to Play? 

Suika Game offers the convenience of not requiring a download. You can enjoy the game from their browser on PC. This helps enhance the user experience while allowing you to play the game quickly with a stable Internet connection.

Is Suika Game on PC? 

Suika Game extends its scale to PC users, which offers a versatile gaming experience. Playing the game on PC, players can truly enjoy the eye-catching graphics, great game features and complete experience. That’s great, isn’t it?

The Suika Game offers a simple yet incredible experience for all players. By setting the goal of getting the biggest watermelon, it provides a fulfilling challenge for players, from seeking joy to gaining achievement. Whether you are a casual player or a puzzle game enthusiast, Suika Game persuasively conquers you with its refreshing and delightful gameplay.

Let’s play the game now to have an experience of our own!

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