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2048 Watermelon Game

2048 Watermelon Game is a game created based on the original game 2048. This is a fun and exciting game that involves merging watermelon pieces, watermelon ice cream, etc. together to create a watermelon. The biggest and juiciest watermelon corresponds to the number 2048.

How to play 2048 Watermelon Game

Players use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to merge two identical cells. After every step you take, a random watermelon will appear.
Continue like that until you create the largest watermelon corresponding to the number 2048.
Players need to merge the cells quickly. If the cells are full and the 2048 watermelon has not yet been created, the game will end.


  • 4x4 Board: The game is based on a 4x4 board with squares containing numbers.
  • Cell combination: When two identical cells touch each other, they will create a cell with a double value.
  • Beautiful interface: The game is developed from the 2048 game, but instead of using numbers, the game uses very cute watermelon images.
  • End of the game: The game ends when you create 2048 watermelons or there are no more cells available to move.

Tips and tricks

  • Stock up in a corner: Keep a corner like a warehouse so you can store large numbers without filling up the board.
  • Move in one direction: Moving in the same direction makes your board easier and more manageable.
  • Do not put small cells in the corner. You need to limit placing small cells in the corner because this position is difficult to move and makes the board fill up quickly.
  • Arrange incrementally: You need to calculate the steps to merge in advance; if possible, arrange them in ascending order after each move.
  • Try to keep many empty cells: Along with sorting in ascending order, you should keep many empty cells for ease of calculation and movement, avoiding situations where the table is full.

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