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Cats Drop

Do you want to enter a game world with adorable cats? Welcome to Cats Drop, an exciting puzzle game.

When you join the game, you start with a cup where adorable cats are dropped. Two identical cats will be merged into a bigger one. The goal is to create the biggest cat before the cup is full.

The more cats you merge, the higher your score is. You will also unlock more cats. The game only ends when you carelessly let a cat fall out of the cup. Read on for more about Cats Drop!

How to Play Cats Drop

Cats Drop offers great animations and sounds of the cats as they change and grow. It allows players to immerse themselves in the world of cute cats, which makes them happy and surprised with every move. Here is how to play the Cats Drop game:

  • Play Cats Drop for free on this website. 
  • Move your cats by dragging your mouse. 
  • Aim to make your cat fall into your expected position. 
  • Click to drop the cat.
  • Keep cats from spilling out of the cup. Once that happens, the game is over. 
  • Try to conquer the 10th cat. 

Your score is on the left side; let’s check to see where you are on the board. There are opponents who are competing with you out there. 

With simple but funny game play, Cats Drop is the perfect game for all cat lovers. This is a great way to experience the joy of merging adorable cats. You will see how they magically bring you a smile. Are you ready to play a game and discover the collection of meow-flavored companions in Cats Drop?

Play the game and unlock more cute cats now! If you like the Cats Drop game, you may also like the Suika Taylor Swift game.

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