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Suika Game Clicker

Suika Game Clicker is an extremely attractive fruit-shooting game. You will transform into a cloud-shaped rock and be attacked by surrounding fruits. Your mission is to keep yourself safe by avoiding or destroying those fruits.

How to play

The player moves the mouse to control the gun's shooting direction and uses the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to move themselves.
The player's task is to score as many points as possible, confronting watermelons, melons, peaches, grapes, etc., and avoiding direct encounters with them because those fruits are bullets.


Unusual trajectory: Fruits appear suddenly in four corners of the screen and have unusual orbits, bringing fun and surprises to players.
Transforming Fruit: Once destroyed, a large fruit will break into many small fruits and attack you.
The challenge increases gradually. As the game progresses, the fruits move faster and more unpredictablely, increasing the difficulty level of the game.
Interface options: Players can choose the interface when playing the game: 2D, 3D, or Halloween.

Tips and tricks

Use attack as defense: don't shoot randomly; choose the right time to shoot to destroy the enemy as much as possible; otherwise, they will attack you again.
Guess the direction of movement: Although the fruits have unusual orbits, you can still predict them to choose the appropriate location and come up with a reasonable strategy.
Ready to fight: Because the actions in the game happen very quickly, players need to concentrate highly to both destroy and avoid them.
Smooth combination: Practice will help you improve the combination of both left and right hands.

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