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Watermelon Game

Watermelon Game, also known as Suika Game, is a popular game today, combining the sweetness of fruit with the extremely attractive fruit fusion challenge.

How to Play a Watermelon Game?

The player's task is to merge fruits of the same type together to create larger fruits. Continue this process until you have grown the largest fruit, a watermelon. Then, the player will win.
Players need to be careful not to let the amount of fruit below exceed the allowed line; otherwise, they will have to start over.


  • Optimal interface: The game has an easy-to-understand and easy-to-play interface, and eye-catching colors bring a very fruity feeling.
  • Increasingly challenging: As the amount of fruit below gradually increases, players will encounter more challenges in arranging the fruits.
  • Interoperability: Players can fully share their game results on social networking platforms with friends and family.
  • Ranking system: The game has a scoring and ranking system based on points and playing time to help players keep track of their highest scores and rankings.

Tips and tricks

  • Create a combo: A combo is when you combine two or more fruits at the same time; this will give you extra bonus points.
  • Fruit bounce: All fruits have bounce; you can take advantage of this to score points.
  • Players must have reasonable tactics, quickly combine fruits, and avoid running out of space.

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