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Suika 2048 Ball Buster

Suika 2048 Ball Buster is a fun challenge in which you will combine your math and logic abilities in a fun way.

How to play Suika 2048 Ball Buster?

In the game, the player's task is to destroy the balls by dropping the same balls in the same place. When there is a collision between balls, the same balls will merge into a larger ball until you reach the maximum score.

Players need to be careful not to let the number of balls below exceed the allowed line; otherwise, the game will end. 


  • Friendly interface: The game has a friendly interface, making it easy for players to understand the rules and use
  • Item system: The game has interesting items: hammers, tampers, and magnets that bring surprises after each use.
  • Increasing challenge: After completing each round, the game will open new rounds with higher challenge scores.
  • Interactivity: Players can share their results on social platforms after each game.

Tips and Tricks

  • Difficulties and Bonus Points: If you overcome many difficulties, you will get additional bonus points.
  • Collect items: Don't forget to collect gift chests; they will help you in difficult times.
  • Ball bounce: The balls will have a certain bounce; you can calculate their bounce to get great merges.
  • The importance of strategy: Players need to have a reasonable strategy and apply mathematical logic to place the ball.

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