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Suika Taylor Swift

Suika Taylor Swift is an entertaining combination for those who are fans of both Suika Game and Taylor Swift. What could be better to enjoy one of the most popular puzzle games in the enchanting melodies of Taylor Swift's music?

As its name suggests, Suika Taylor Swift offers players an incredible experience of Taylor Swift's music. In the game, each song is played as a fruit, and your goal is to merge them into larger ones. It will be something new and unique for those looking for a twist on puzzle games.

Suika Taylor Swift Game Features

Extensive music library: Playing the game, you will get lost in the world of Taylor Swift's songs. The extensive library gives you a diverse range of musical experiences. 

Stunning photos: If you are a fan of Taylor Swift, you will certainly be excited to play a game that is full of your idol's image. Each beautiful photo of Taylor Swift represents a fruit, and you will merge them as you do in Suika Game.

Suika gameplay: The game has the same rules and features as Suika Game, which does not take away the fun you have experienced before. However, your goal is not a watermelon, but the biggest image of Taylor Swift.

How to Play Suika Taylor Swift

Suika Taylor Swift has the same simple rules as the original game. Besides merging fruits of the same type, you also have to keep them from spilling out of the top. If the box fills up, the game will end. 

  • Click to drop "the fruits". 
  • Look to drop fruits of the same image touching each other. Two fruits of the same type will merge into a bigger one as soon as they touch.
  • Progress to have the final image of Taylor Swift that represents a watermelon.

Good luck!

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