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Storyteller is an extremely attractive new game where you will transform into a storyteller, telling a romantic and magical love story. Your mission is to use your imagination to retell different types of stories and win the storyteller crown. Storyteller allows players to play online without downloads.

How to play Storyteller

In front of you will be a blank comic book with cartoon settings and characters. Your task is to imagine and use your intelligence to piece together a complete story.
When the player correctly matches a part of a chapter, the game will automatically move to the next screen.


  • Unique Puzzle Mechanics: Captivating animations and panel design create a unique puzzle mechanic.
  • Fascinating story: The game has a fascinating and magical storyline with unexpected details, with life and death, love and hate, heartbreak, cure, drama,...
  • Interactive Comic Book: The game is like an interactive comic book, where players can use their imagination to set the setting and characters.
  • Cute drawings: Even though it revolves around dramatic stories of love, life, and death, the game still brings laughter and humor thanks to its cute and unique images.
  • Vivid sound: The game has sounds that are both calm and lively, like the background music of love movies and dramas.

Tips and tricks

  • Don't hesitate to try: The game is based on trial and error, so feel free to combine them to create a story.
  • Flexible situations: The plot can develop in many different directions, so think in many possible directions.
  • Learning how to tell stories: Although the story has many unexpected details, we can still learn from this surprise in the story to predict the next more unexpected situations that may occur.

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