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Level Devil

Level Devil is a platformer game with many dramatic and exciting points where players will embark on an adventurous adventure to overcome many challenges through levels.

How to play Level Devil

  • To pass the level, the player must move to the end of the tunnel. However, this is not simple. You will encounter many unexpected and unpredictable challenges along the way. There are many traps appearing in the levels: deep holes and mines underfoot. The ceiling can collapse at any time. Deep holes and mines can also move unexpectedly, leaving you unable to react in time.
  • You can use the up, down, left, right, or AWDS arrow keys to move; use the spacebar to jump.


  • The game remembers the levels you have passed; you will not have to start from the beginning but continue where you were defeated.
  • Difficulty increases: The later the challenges become more interesting and diverse, creating an element of surprise with increasing difficulty without making you feel disappointed.
  • Beautiful graphics: The game uses 2D graphics with 2 colors: black and orange, simple but very eye-catching, creating a pleasant feeling for players.
  • Fun music: The game's music is vibrant and humorous, creating a sense of excitement for players.

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