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Squishy Fruits

Squishy Fruits is a fruit merging game inspired by the very popular Suika Game today. However, the games have variations in gameplay that make them different. Instead of merging fruits of the same shape and size, players will merge fruits of the same variety but different sizes. This change makes the mechanism especially attractive, completely different from the original game Suika.

How to Play Squishy Fruits:

The player's task is to place fruits of the same variety in the same position until the fruit reaches 2048 points, at which point they will explode.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Squishy Fruits: As the name suggests, the fruits are very flexible, and you can take advantage of that flexibility to drop the fruit precisely below.
  • The challenge increases gradually: As time goes on, the fruits will get bigger and bigger and fill the positions above. You need to be clever and calculate appropriately for the position of dropping the fruits.
  • Solve quickly: Large fruits will take up a lot of space, so you need to solve them as quickly as possible to avoid exceeding the allowed line.
  • Things to avoid: Avoid creating 2 or more large fruits of the same variety in parallel to optimize moving space.

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