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2048 Suika

2048 Suika is a puzzle game that takes inspiration from two famous games: Suika Game and 2048. The game features similar gameplay to 2048, but the traditional numbers are replaced with Suika fruits. Your task is to slide tiles to make fruits of the same type merge. 

The goal has now also changed; it is not the number 2048, but the watermelon. Each type of fruit will correspond to a certain number of points, from high to low. Every two identical fruits merged will create a new fruit of higher value.

This is really a must-try experience for fans of the puzzle game genre.

How to Play 2048 Suika

Follow the below detailed instructions to play 2048 Suika well:

On PC:

  • Join the game to see a grid consisting of Suika-themed tiles.
  • Use the arrow keys to slide the tiles as you wish. All the tiles will move in the same direction.
  • Merge fruits of the same type into another fruit of higher value.
  • Go on until the watermelon with the highest value is created.

On Mobile:

Swipe their fingers on the screen to slide the tiles in your desired direction. 

2048 Suika Game Features

  • Eye-catching design: 2048 Suika becomes more outstanding with the vibrant color of the Suika theme. 
  • Addictive gameplay: The attractive gameplay combined with the beautiful Watermelons theme makes it hard for players to refuse. This is a great choice for fans of both 2048 and the Suika Game. 
  • Math-based game: Each fruit in 2048 Suika corresponds to a number, so two tiles with the same fruit merged will create a tile with double the value. In addition to enjoying colorful fruits, this is also a game for those who love math.

Are you ready to join the game and conquer the biggest fruit? Join 2048 Suika now to see which fruits you can reach! If you like the 2048 Suika game, you may also like the Cats Drop game.

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