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Suika Shooting

Suika Shooting is an interesting fruit shooting game. Players will protect their characters by destroying incoming fruits or avoiding them to stay safe.

How to play Suika Shooting

When the game starts, fruits (enemies) will flood in from all four sides of the screen in unusual directions. The player will use the mouse to change the direction of the bullets and the arrow keys to move up and down.


Fast movement: The game is fast-paced and very attractive, challenging the player's reflexes.
Fruits transform: After being broken, the fruits do not disappear but break into smaller fruits that attack the character.
Difficulty increases gradually. As the game progresses, the fruits move faster and more unpredictablely.

Tip me tricks

  • Absolute concentration: Movements happen very quickly, so players need to be absolutely focused to avoid dangerous situations.
  • Prediction strategy: Guess the path and speed of the fruit to choose a standing position as well as adjust the trajectory appropriately.
  • Aim at the right target: Don't waste bullets; there are many enemies around; if you don't aim, they will come back to attack you.
  • Practice hard. At first, it's quite difficult to smoothly combine moving and aiming, but don't worry; after just a few games, you'll be able to be more proactive.

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