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Cut The Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2 is the second version of the original Cut The Rope game, so new features have been added that make the game more interesting than ever.

How to play Cut The Rope 2

  • Your mission is to deliver candy to Om Nom and collect as many stars as possible along the way.
  • You will meet many strange characters who will use their powers to feed Om Nom candy.
  • If you encounter a problem, you can tap the yellow fairy for a hint.


  • The game features a unique rope-cutting mechanism, where players strategically cut the rope to bring candy to Om Nom. Players need to be able to calculate drop points accurately.
  • Bonus stars and money: Collecting stars and bonuses helps players unlock many new modes and upgrades.
  • Increasingly challenging: As the game progresses, the difficulty of the game increases with unique things. This diversifies gameplay and challenges problem-solving skills.

You can play the original version of this game, Cut The Rope.

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