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Suika Ball Game

Suika Ball Game is a simple but very fun and interesting game that can be Play Online without Downloads. This game was created based on the recently popular Watermelon Game but has many changes in form and gameplay.

How to Play the Suika Ball Game

  • The player's task is to match balls of the same level to create a bigger ball with a higher level. The game will end when the screen is filled with balls.
  • The player uses the left mouse button to place the ball in the desired position.
  • In the original Watermelon Game, the player can only see the current ball, but in the Suika Ball Game, the player can also see the ball later to be able to come up with a reasonable strategy.
  • The Suika Ball Game has a simple design that helps players easily calculate positions without having to remember the order of merging fruits.

Let's enjoy the world of ball fusion with the Suika Ball Game.
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