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Suika Shapes

Suika Shapes is an attractive puzzle game, a variation of the recently popular Suika game. The player's task is to merge shapes of the same size together to create a larger shape. Until the largest block is created, the player will win.

How to play Suika Shapes

Keyboard Controls:

A and D: move the line left or right.
Holding Shift to increase the speed of the line
Q&E to rotate the image
S or Spacebar to drop the image

Mouse Controls:

Left-click to select the location where you want to drop the image.
Right-click to rotate the image.
Middle-click to enable preview mode.
The scroll wheel switches the scroll speed between slow and fast.

You can hold down the left mouse button or the spacebar to charge up the drop, helping to create force as it falls to push shapes around.


Players can choose the type of block to merge: a circle, square, plus sign, hexagon or, even more difficult, a random shape...
The game has many color modes for users to choose from: blue, red, purple, yellow, pink, orange, etc., depending on each person's preferences.

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